Publishing InDesign Documents

By: Andreas Imhof,
Date: April 6, 2014

Andere Sprache: In deutscher Sprache verfügbar announce the next version of a tool in the category "XML Export and ePaper Software" for publishers:

«BatchXSLT for InDesign»

BatchXSLT for InDesign

«BatchXSLT for InDesign» converts InDesign documents to XML with a mouse click. Exported data can be viewed and navigated as a flip page e-book website in any Browser on all devices – from large PC screens to tablets and smartphones.
XML is suitable for any purpose, directly from print layouts without any special tagging or manual rework.

Cost-efficiency, quality, flexibility and speed are most important to all editors when publishing InDesign document content on the Internet. Most important is to cut down additional manual work to zero or at least reduce to a minimum.

XML – not just a phrase

All modern systems, processing data for the reuse on the Internet or in database applications need XML data. However, "XML" still is a feared term: many designers or editors shy at the extra effort usually needed to generate XML from printable documents content.
This is where «BatchXSLT for InDesign» hooks in: no need for XML-tagging. With a click of the mouse the user exports the content to very rich tagged XML, containing enough information for almost any further application.

Web site, ePaper or database

«BatchXSLT for InDesign» creates standardized "All-Purpose-XML".
This enables editors to export their print products once and serve this content to any media publishing system: through an own web site, by CD, via CMS or as a full featured flip page ePaper which is created by «BatchXSLT for InDesign» at the same time.

The ePaper Web site

A new generation ePaper must be able to do more than the wide spread and well-known e-papers based on Flash.
An ePaper must adjust itself to any device size. This may be a large standard PC screen, an iPad or Android tablet or even a smartphone - readers always must have an pleasing reading experience.
Furthermore, an ePaper not just has to be 'beautiful', but it must provide a real added-value to readers:
Readers like to comment an article: a discussion forum must be available.
Full-text search on any number of publications and issues definitely is a MUST-have.
A catalog's articles should be enabled to be purchased with a click: a shop plugin or the ability to connect to an own web shop must be available.
Readers might want to subscribe to the latest news: an RSS feed can help. By the way this also has positive effects on search engine results.

But... however, one of the post important points in these days: the ability to create an app must exist, to be able to sell publications through Appel's App Store or through Google-Play.

Configurable and flexible

«BatchXSLT for InDesign» is a powerful, flexible and expandable XML Transformer. Any special functions or dedicated output formats can be integrated.
The look and feel of the flip page web site can be adjusted and enhanced by CSS and Javascript functions.

The user's benefit

Even without any knowledge of XML and HTML, user can export their publications for further processing or publication on the Internet with a click.

What is new

Simplified installation of the software package as Java now is bundled within the installation package.
The flipping pages web site now has better support for Windows Phone 8 and the new Android versions.

More Information and Download

The software package for Windows and OSX as well as a comprehensive manual are available online at

System requirements

«BatchXSLT for InDesign» is available for Windows 7, 8, 200x, Vista, XP, Mac OSX 10.6 and newer and InDesign CC back to CS5.

Price: Euro 480.– (one time license fee)

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Contact name: Andreas Imhof
T: +41 31 921 74 75