From InDesign Text to Hyperlinks

By: Andreas Imhof,
Date: April 7, 2014

Andere Sprache: In deutscher Sprache verfügbar announce a new tool in the category "InDesign and Productivity":


«HyperLinkBuilder» converts styled text into active Internet or email links.

Publications posted to the Internet, whether as a PDF or HTML5 document, nowadays should be interactive. This means, active clickable links to additional information or direct links to a web shop should be contained. Potential customer, for example, want to click item numbers in a dresses catalog to see further color samples or want to be ale to directly put an item into the shopping cart.
Unfortunately, documents designed to be printed, often do not contain clickable hyperlinks. The relevant text parts must be converted to active hyperlinks by hand. This is a tedious and error-prone job especially when it comes to several hundred links.

«HyperLinkBuilder» creates Hyperlinks

«HyperLinkBuilder» converts text marked with a character style to active clickable links. Links to external web sites, a tool catalog's item links into the online shop, email links in an address-book – one click and the work is done in a breath.

Settings for recurring identical link conversions may be stored and reloaded as needed.

The user's benefit

Manual rework of active links within InDesign documents can be very time-consuming and therefore expensive. HyperLinkBuilder does this in a few seconds.

More Information and Download

The software package for InDesign and the user's manual are available online at

System requirements

«HyperLinkBuilder» is designed for InDesign CC back to CS5, Windows or Mac OSX.

Price: Euro 79.– (one time license fee)

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