Split up InDesign story frames into parts

Von: Andreas Imhof, www.AiEDV.ch
Date: April 6, 2014

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AiEDV.ch announce a new tool in the category "InDesign and Productivity":



«StoryScissors» is a fully automated splitter to cut InDesign articles contained in long text threads, like classified ads or newsflashes, into single frames.

Classified ads, sections containing newsflashes, ship schedules, telephone directories, readers comments or second-hand car directories usually are produced in InDesign as long threaded text frames. So far so good: no problem for printed products.
However, search engines like Google, will not be able to deliver relevant search results for such long stories containing hundreds of different topics. In this case, every ad, every newsflash and every port of departure must be contained in its own text frame.

Designers or editors, having the doubtful pleasure to manually split up such threads into single frame chunks, exactly know how tedious, error-prone and time-consuming such a job is.

The Story Scissors

«StoryScissors» can go through entire documents and cut such concatenated items into separate text frames.
Depending on the type of production, one or more frames can manually be selected and split into independent text frames at given paragraph styles.
Also, a text frame may be cut into pieces at the current cursor position.

The user's benefit

Splitting stories by hand is error-prone and time consuming and therefore by far too expensive. Story Scissors does this work in no time.

More Information and Download

The software package for InDesign and the user's manual are available online at www.aiedv.ch

System requirements

«StoryScissors» is designed for InDesign CC back to CS5, Windows or Mac OSX.

Price: Euro 99.– (one time license fee)

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