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About Us
Since 1994 develops software to cover the needs in the automated PrePress sector like data conversion and automated creation of printable documents.

On the other side: The content of almost all documents has to be exported for the reuse of data in other systems like Internet or archiving in data base systems. We supply the software to export documents to several formats suitable for the Internet like XML, HTML, ePaper, Text and more.

Andreas Imhof
Imhof EDV-Dienstleistungen
Tannackerstrasse 38
CH-3073 Guemligen
Company ID: CHE-107.658.164


T: +41 31 921 74 75

Owner: Andreas Imhof
El. Ing. FH, Software Ing.
Andreas Imhof

Services offered by

- Projects consultation, planning, controlling
- Programming
- Custom XML Transforms
- Software installation
- Project launch support
- Training, Support

Support and Programming
Genaral support for installation, simple tips and tricks Euro 100.- per hour. Billing per started 1/2 hour.
Custom programming, XSL transforms and help in problem solving for special applications Euro 150.- per hour. Billing per started 20 minutes.
Available as ticket units. EURO 50.–.

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Other Web Sites:
• DEMO Web Site for XML exports, e-Paper and eBooks

• eBooks from ancient books and Newspapers:

Application specific XML transforms

Special output formats are used in applications where, for instance, XML or HTML files must be tagged in a certain way: production of a CD, to import into specialized databases or simply because your internet department asks for it.
We can help you! Send us an and describe your needs as close as possible!

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At we consider the privacy of our visitors to be extremely important.
We do not collect any personal data if you visit this site. We do not use Cookies.

If you purchase software on our site:
During a purchase process, handled by a secure payment provider (PayPal), we never gain access to any sensitive data like credit card numbers.
We store your name, address and email address along with your personal license code to be able to:
– re-issue a lost license code to you
– inform you on software updates, bug fixes or important new features
Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties.
Your privacy is protected.

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