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«BatchXSLT for InDesign»

"The most powerful yet easy-to-use exporter available!"

A One-Touch InDesign Exporter/Transformer which creates "All Purpose XML" and a full featured flip page ePaper HTML web site with a single mouse click or in completely automated batch mode.

Repurposing text and images from print layouts, in many cases, can be kind of 'problematic'. The standard XML tools brought in with InDesign are useless, simply because the text and other elements are not XML-tagged.
«BatchXSLT for InDesign» exports such documents to rich tagged XML and HTML5, converts original images and includes videos or sound. In short words: it does all the work for you just with a click of the mouse.

Software Download
the full featured 30-days demo (the demo version changes word locations).
All packages for InDesign CC2017/15/14, CC, CS6, CS5.x

[ Download BatchXSLT for Windows 64bit and InDesign CC to CS5 ]
Windows 64bit
Contained in a digitally signed installer package.

[ Get BatchXSLT for Windows 32bit and InDesign CC 2017 to CS5 ]
Windows 32bit
Contained in a digitally signed installer package.

[ Download software package for OS X and InDesign CC CS 6 - CS 5 ]
OSX 10.7 and newer (Intel processor)
Digitally signed software contained in a disk image.

Output Formats:
Plain XML and HTML - NO FLASH. XML suitable for any application.

Expandable with your own dedicated XSL transformation, JAVA libraries, JavaScript to adjust the output exactly fitting your needs.

Exporter Features:
Web Site Features:

Get this tutorial too!
Viem this manual online within your browser[ Click to read this tutorial ]Read this tutorial to learn how to export ID documents to XML and HTML as well as how to create flip page eBooks with a single mouse click. This manual is a full-text search enabled flip page eBook too.

Download Manual as PDFGet the manual as a PDF »

View technical reference onlineView the Technical Reference Manual online »
«BatchXSLT for InDesign» is designed for:
V 23-06-44: for InDesign any version CC to CS5
V 23-05-43: for InDesign any version CC to CS5
V 22-04-41: for InDesign any CC and CS version

Software for InDesign:
–   BatchXSLT for InDesign: Flipping pages ePaper web site based on XML and HTML5.
–   Exporter software to efficiently export InDesign (Adobe Inc.) documents to XML.

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