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Typesetting with XML in seconds instead of hours!

"Typesetting with XML and InDesign" - an often heard sentence. However, the term "XML" is more feared than loved.
In many cases XML 'as is' can not be imported into InDesign without problems – nothing useful will happen and certainly not properly formatted text. Most likely, we need an XML transformation to turn the raw XML data into something which can be understood and formatted by InDesign.
Usually, such complex XML transforms are not everyone's cup of tea, this is a programmer's job.

A Case Study

23 pages formatted text in 4 seconds? Sure, no problem!

The production of entries from the Swiss Commercial Register using XML data. Watch this video::

Efficient XML-Import into InDesign XML transformation and import into an InDesign layout »
( 1 min 19 secs, 3 Formats: 480, 720, 1080 )
This video shows how an efficient and user friendly InDesign XML import should be.

Looks quite easy – isn't it? But it is not!
To get going such an automated production a considerable amount of time and work is needed.
Everything has to fit together:
– Accurate filtering of desired text from one or more raw XML files,
– merge these components to a single production file,
– re-sorting of text as needed,
– style sheets and XML-tag relations must be defined in the InDesign layout,
– the defined InDesign XML-tags must match the imported XML elements.

Our Services

We can assist with project planning and consulting. Including custom programming and XML transforms.
Software installation, user training and support complete our service.

We can help you! Send us an and describe your needs as accurately as possible!

XML Import Package

SHAB-Import: Automated production for swiss official cantonal gazettes (the package shown in the video).

XML extract of registry entries published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce SOGC (SHAB/FOSC/FUSC) to produce a cantonal gazette.
Instead of hours of copy and paste rather choose the fully automated typography from XML in a few seconds.
      Video SHAB XML-Import »
We configure a package specific to your needs! Send us an .

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