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HyperLinkBuilder – Convert styled text to active links – InDesign Script

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StoryScissors – split text frames at paragraphs
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HyperLinkBuilder – Hyperlinks from formatted text HiddenTextDetective – Text hex viewer setTimeout – setTimeout for ExtendScript

HyperLinkBuilder converts any text styled with a given character style into clickable links.

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«HyperLinkBuilder for InDesign»

"Convert any text styled with a given Character Style to a HyperLink URL or Email link!"

These days, documents published on the Internet have to be interactive!
However, automatically produced InDesign documents very often do not contain interactive Hyperlinks. In the case, where such addresses are style with a character style, HyperLinkBuilder can help:
– Item numbers in catalogs to links into your web shop
– Internet addresses in phone directories to direct web site links
– Email addresses in address lists to active mail links

Such links also work in interactive PDFs.

Read HyperLinkBuilder Manual online ...Read the HyperLinkBuilder manual ... »

Download HyperLinkBuilder

HypeLinkBuilder is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub:
download HyperLinkBuilder from GitHub

Scripts for InDesign:
–   StoryScissors: Cut ads or stories into frames at given paragraph styles.
–   Hyperlink Builder: turn styled text into clickable hyper links.
–   HiddenTextDetective: Hex and Text Viewer for InDesign.
–   setTimeout: Implementation of the Javascript functions setTimeout and clearTimeout.

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