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StoryScissors – Cut paragraphs into individual text frames – InDesign Script

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A One-Touch InDesign text frame splitter to cut very long chained stories or chained classified ads columns into individual text frames.

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«StoryScissors for InDesign»

"Easily split long chained articles or classified ads into individual frames!"

In automated production processes, ads usually are filled into an InDesign document as a single story placed into many chained text frames. Especially when exporting to XML for web or database applications, it is essential to have each ad or article cut in its own text frame – otherwise, Internet search engines will not be able to deliver relevant search results.

StoryScissors can split up such long threaded ads and articles columns into individual text frames at any given single or even at multiple paragraph styles.
Each sliced part is positioned for the text retains its original position and also its formatting.

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«StoryScissors for InDesign»
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