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StoryScissors – split text frames at paragraphs HyperLinkBuilder – Hyperlinks from formatted text
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HiddenTextDetective – Text hex viewer setTimeout – setTimeout for ExtendScript

Curious on those cryptic glyphs after having imported text or XML from an external system? Hidden Text Detective shows you what these characters mean, shows their hex code and meaning and helps you debug your imported text in InDesign.

Hidden Tex tDetective Logo

«Hidden Text Detective for InDesign»

"Hex and text code viewer for special characters and hidden markers contained in InDesign text frames."

Hidden Text Detective acts like the well known hex editors used by developers to view codes in a file. However, Hidden Text Detective is a viewer only and does not allow to directly edit or change text content in an InDesign document.

[ HiddenTextDetective Hex viewer ]

Download HiddenTextDetective
This is a FREE script!
[ Download HiddenTextDetective for ID CC CS6-CS5 ]
For Adobe InDesign CC to CS5
Windows or OSX

Couldn't find the setTimeout and clearTimeout functions for InDesign's ExtendScript?
Here they are!

«setTimeout for InDesign»

setTimeout and clearTimeout just like the well known Javascript functions known from Browsers.
These functions do not block InDesign or your users like $.sleep does as setTimeout is built on InDesign's idleTasks.

Download the code below, copy it into your script, read the header (run your script in its own #targetengine) and enjoy the new functions setTimeout and clearTimeout.

Example usage:
Show the user a message in 20 seconds:
setTimeout( function() { alert("Hello friend!"); }, 20000);
Call myFunc in 5 seconds:
setTimeout( function() { myFunc(myparams); }, 5000);

If a script calls itself using setTimeout the setInterval functionality can be obtained.

Download setTimeout Code Snippet
This is a FREE script!
[ Download setTimeout Code Snippet ]
For Adobe InDesign CC to CS5
Windows or OSX

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Scripts for InDesign:
–   StoryScissors: Cut ads or stories into frames at given paragraph styles.
–   Hyperlink Builder: turn styled text into clickable hyper links.
–   HiddenTextDetective: Hex and Text Viewer for InDesign.
–   setTimeout: Implementation of the Javascript functions setTimeout and clearTimeout.

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