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XML from InDesign Documents and publishing on the Internet has released a new version of BatchXSLT for InDesign, an XML exporting and ePaper application for publishers. Adobe's InDesign is the popular page layout software used by professional designers and publishers to create periodicals, daily newspapers, books, and manuals. BatchXSLT for InDesign makes it easy for publishers to deliver digitally readable copies of their printed media content. BatchXSLT for InDesign easily turns printable documents into XML format, the industry standard for creating modern Internet and media content.

'XML' still is a feared word in the publishing industry. To extract XML from a printable layout using the standard XML export tools delivered with InDesign requires intensive manual work and a deep technical understanding of XML. BatchXSLT for InDesign eliminates the mystery and the error-prone conversion work.

With BatchXSLT for InDesign, users have a one-click solution to exporting document content with rich XML tags. There's no need to be - or hire - an expert in XML-tagging. The resulting XML data contains enough information for almost any additional special application that publishers and content managers require.

BatchXSLT for InDesign is a powerful and expandable XML Transformer. Non-technical editors can export their print products and serve their content to any media publishing system or their own websites. In addition, they can feed the data to a content management system such as WordPress or publish it as an ePaper, the fancy page-turning graphical interface that captivates end users. BatchXSLT for InDesign automatically creates all of the HTML5 code that ePapers require.

ePapers wow customers and prospects. BatchXSLT for InDesign's pluggable modules enhance the standard functionality: The commenting module lets readers discuss a press article. A catalog's products can be purchased with a click-through shopping plugin. A full-text search system on any number of publications and issues is included. Publishers can use BatchXSLT for InDesign to provide additional value to their readers. Publishers can easily add videos, sound tracks, PDF-based product catalogs, and links to other files and sites to the online version of their content.

BatchXSLT for InDesign can be extended to feed categorized articles and adds into the WordPress web system.

ePapers created by BatchXSLT for InDesign load fast on any device and adjust themselves to the available screen size. This may be a large standard PC screen, an iPad or Android tablet or even a smartphone. Regardless of the device being used, readers always have a pleasant reading experience. The look and feel of the flip page web site can be adjusted to fit a corporate design.

The BatchXSLT for InDesign software package costs Euro 690.- and can be downloaded from

The exporter software package runs with InDesign on Windows or OSX. The comprehensive manual is available online. Demos of ePapers can be seen on:

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Imhof EDV-Dienstleistungen
Contact name, author: Andreas Imhof
Tannackerstrasse 38
CH-3073 Gümligen, Switzerland
T: +41 31 921 74 75

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